Coaching Culture

Two Coaching Cultures are important:
Ours and Yours.

Unlike other training and development firms, TNM's core competency is coaching. It's what we have in common; it's who we are. Coaching informs our approach.  Coaching in our DNA produces for you a partner who listens and asks the right questions. Coaching in our DNA means customized, start-where-you-are solutions that can result in sustainable, long-lasting growth and development for you.

Why create a coaching culture?
A coaching culture is a prerequisite for mass collaboration.

The basic skills of coaching radically increase knowledge sharing, asking and listening; they build rapport and respect.  Embedding a coaching culture at your core is a first step to New Millennium business models.  Coaching tools and skills pave the way for organizations to move to Open Source collaboration with far greater ease.

Where did TNM's Coaching Culture come from?

At TNM we started as coaches ten years ago when executive coaching was relatively new.  Now we're evolving and experimenting with virtual, global, leaderless teams, true mass collaboration.  We bring this spirit of experimentation, and the lessons we've learned to each client interaction.  We listen and help you create the evolutionary process for your organization.

Where is TNM Going?

We are developing cutting-edge measurement tools to asses where you are today on the path to creating your own coaching culture and unleashing your full potential with mass collaboration.

TNM's coaching mindset drives the success of new leadership models and cultural shifts across organizations.  We design and implement learning solutions from a coaching perspective – facilitating organizational development than begins in a spirit of inquiry and ends in powerful, focused action.

We are not a training organization. We are a coaching organization delivering training and transformation through our coaching expertise. Our unique approach and the success of our client companies set TNM apart.

Establishing a CoAching Culture is Step 1.

A coaching culture is foundational so you can move into new leadership paradigms and shift your Organization’s DNA. How to establish a coaching culture depends upon the size and existing culture of your organization.  Ways TNM has approached creating a coaching culture with  client companies have included:

coaching the top 100 executives
creating an in-house corps of certified coaches
training all frontline leaders in core coaching competencies (including global rollout of programs for up to 8,000 participants)
making ourselves available for coaching at all levels of the organization, so coaching is normalized, sought-out and used on a regular basis

These and other initiatives work best in tandem and are custom-created to suit each client organization's communication style and cultural needs.



Taking on your Leadership Paradigm is Step 2.

Coaching Services