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In collaborating with our digital parent Adeption, we create Integrated Action based and Learning centric digital learning:

  • Being integrated means that the distinctions between work, learning and play are reduced.
  • Being action-based means the focus in on people doing meaningful things in order to learn and build new habits.
  • Being learner-centric means it truly puts the learner in the driving seat of the learning.

Adeption Mobile and Web App


Using Adeption Knowledge to Action App, our digital programs are delivered via both an interactive web interface and an iOS/Android mobile app and can be integrated with clients LMS.

Adeption platform is designed to:

  • Deliver digital learning content, including social, micro and eLearning
    Support sustained on-the-job learning

Key Features

  • Dynamic Word Cloud: Connects people and ideas around key themes. Does not optimize for similar thought but optimizes for 'colliding perspectives' and gaining deeper diverse insight.
  • Intelligent Matching: A neural net algorithm connects participants with relevant content individually to them from a platform database (content easily added).
  • Actions and Reflection: Participant-selected accountability and manager / peer validation built into workflow.
  • Human Interface: Short snappy video instructions and prompts embedded throughout the process.

Closing the knowing-doing GAP

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