Nina Griffiths

Your partner in change

Nina works with leaders and senior teams to transform their organisations and shape their personal futures. She supports her clients to create sustainable change: creating a vision, defining objectives and benefits, engaging with stakeholders, identifying and filling skills gaps and embedding new ways of working. She works with leaders and teams to build their confidence and capability: supporting them to focus on what’s most important, to identify barriers and opportunities and to take action to achieve their goals.

Nina’s people-centred approach is complemented by extensive business experience in business transformation, sales & marketing, learning & development and operations. Nina’s approach to coaching balances providing a safe space to explore perspectives and options, with providing frameworks and structures to enable clients to focus on their objectives and identify actions and ways forward. She creates an atmosphere of trust where her clients gain new insights, whether that is through an exploration of their reflections or through more formal use of diagnostic tools. She also acts as a thinking partner, challenging and stretching her clients’ thinking on future possibilities.

Executive and leadership coaching, change coaching & consulting, functional transformation particularly in sales & marketing, culture change, stakeholder engagement & management, leadership development, team facilitation, neurodiversity.


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