Monica Ruiz

Brings wellbeing and science together for transformational change.

Monica is passionate about generating positive change in the organizations she works with, delivering long lasting results and shifted mindsets, using her unique approach based on +20 years of experience in business – from change management to strategic consulting – combined with the most transformational coaching and science-based psychological & mindfulness practices, globally. She has had the opportunity to work with some of the most well-known and respected firms around the globe as well as some of the most innovative and forward-thinking start up and SME’s.

In her lifetime, she has lived and worked in 5 continents and speaks 8 languages. She currently splits her time between London, and Rotterdam. She loves spending time in nature, sharing soulful food with her loved ones over insightful conversations and expanding her horizons through traveling, learning and sharing stories.

Executive & Leadership Development, Change Management, Navigating Uncertainty, Developing Resilience, Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Business & Marketing Strategy, Creative Thinking, Cross-Cultural Integration, Conscious Communication, Cognitive Behavioural Change, Keynote Speaker.


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