Zoran's Success Series #9

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

Why are we driven toward success?

There are basic reasons we want to be successful: satisfaction, ego, and feelings.

Take an honest look at your routine decisions and motivations and you'll find that you're chasing feelings. We want to feel particular things every day of our lives. That need to feel a certain way is on the primal level and has capacity to drive your life until you fully recognize, discover and feel certain sensations, until you can create a "feel good" state of being.

Throughout our lives we feel fragments or glimpses of that feeling; once when we do our enthusiasm for life is evident. In the midst of the experience you're vibrant, light, liberated, wild, driven and positive... mesmerizing to yourself and to people around you.

You feel it! You've experienced it! You've lived it! You are alive!

How do we access that feeling?

Our mission here is to find that feeling. We need to dive into it and access that level of yourself in order to bring it out, express it, demonstrate it and use it to attract success.

Feelings have magnetic natures. What you feel attracts people, situations and circumstances into your life. If you want to attract your success, you need to feel that success feeling first.

As you have discovered, the mind has a role to play: to help you focus, to help you create quality thoughts that will navigate your actions in the direction of your success. Your heart has a role in creating sensation, feeling and energy that would attract your success, too.

The reason you work with your mind and quality of thoughts first is because the nature of reality is the mind creates thoughts and thoughts trigger specific feelings associated to that thought. Therefore if you think negative thought, feelings attached to that thought is negative and you are attracting negative situations or undesired outcomes simply because your feelings are polarized negatively. The usual question here is: " Why this is happening to me?" supported by a "victimhood" approach toward life. "Poor me" or "I need a personal savior" is a side affect of this.

Like attracts Like.

If, on the other hand, you think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings, you will attract positive outcomes. Take time to become conscious about your thinking processes, patterns and beliefs, Use post #1 as the foundation for the serious work this series is asking you to do.

Put Feelings First

How can you harness this process to reach success effortlessly? Start by feeling first and then generating thought to support your feeling.

This is one of those 360 degrees shifts in your life that will revolutionize your way of being and doing. This is that sensation of liberation that most of us look for. Once your mind becomes a tool to serve your heart and your heart overtakes navigation and guidance of your life true living begins.

It feels like stepping out from a very compressed and limited box into the immense and unlimited space where you can breathe.

At this stage your soul is finally in charge and your life starts blooming with a sense of mission, vision and purpose. That powerful force of your limitless being inspires everything you do. Natural motivation is born. Effort and struggle are present only to remind you that you are not sitting present in your heart but operating from your mind again.

This is one of the most complex transitions and transformations in your life, yet not difficult if you simply remember to put the feeling first.