Zoran's Success Series #7

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

When distractions are out of your life you start to feel lighter and more inspired to create your success. Your task becomes easier at this stage. Now you need to believe that your success is possible.

Your feelings come into play now because you'll need to believe not only with mind, not only with your heart, but with your entire body, with every cell, every atom, every molecule. You need to believe with such intensity that you know that your success is inevitable.

Your unconditioned mind has thousands of reasons and evidence to feed in to your thinking process to convince you not to believe. It would feel naïve, stupid and innocent to believe with such intensity and open mind.

Your task here is to do exactly what your unconditioned mind is telling you not to.

If you do the work to retrain your mind, it will support you in developing this expansive beliefs and encourage you to go beyond the limits of linear thinking in to the sphere where you know that all is possible.

Therefore if you want to believe that you are the best actor in the world and your conditioned mind whispers: “Oh, come on! You know that's not true; you suck!" Your task here is to continue believing no matter what.

Believing that your success is possible and then shifting in knowing that you success is already part of you is a 360-degree shift in retraining your mind. This is that key point that distinguishes success from failure, ordinary for extraordinary, love from fear. It will propel you and pick you up when setbacks happen.

Success creation is from inside out. The first level is your mind. You need to believe in your success in order to feel your success and that will bring your success to you. If your conditioned mind challenges you by saying: “ This is not possible for you, realistically, look at your life and you will see it for yourself! You need to answer: “I believe that all is possible for me and as a matter of fact I know all is already part of me at this moment. It only needs a bit time to be expressed in my life!” If you believe that in order for you to be successful the sky needs to be pink with yellow dots on it and you perceive the sky as pink with yellow dots on it, and people around you sees sky as blue with white clouds on it, your task is to believe that sky is pink and yes it has yellow dots on it. This is how strong I want you to be!

You are the master of your success and your life. You hold a key to your success. None of the masters, none of the gurus, none of the books will give you that key. While reading this you will be inspired and intrigued to act but your job is to find that key that is inside you.

Believing that you are the master creator of your success is “the key.”

Your belief in success needs to be derived from your empowered self not from your disempowered self. Disempowered self is the product of your unconditioned mind that usually whispers,“I cannot believe this is happening to me!" or "This is not possible!" or "This will never work out because…", or "What if this happens…”

You belief in your success needs to come from your mind that knows universal truth that there is not such a thing as “Impossible."

To step into that universal truth you need to remember your childhood, you need to remember how things once were when you were open minded and free to believe in the magic of life. You need to become childlike and step into the world of possibilities from the world of practicality, small thinking and limitations. You need to dare to be brave to believe in life and its miracles.

Remember, that feeling of limitlessness, of beauty, of joy of knowing that everything you dream is possible.

Start believing in your success today.