Zoran's success series #6

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

This may feel like going to gym, but going to gym can be fun, too! The mind is a muscle we need to train and retrain in order to be in the shape and form we want it to be. It's busy, the mnd: developing our thoughts and shaping our lives. It requires constant attention. To get in great mental form, we need to retrain our minds.

One of the first things to handle is distractions. One of the most important sources of distractions is something we call tolerations. Tolerations are the things that aren't working, aren't supporting you, aren't fully functioning or in tip-top condition and you put up with them. Your mind is actually dealing with them in the background. They haven't gone away. They may be circumstances that are not ideal or perfect and that we struggle in accepting as part of our reality. Most of people have weak personal foundations, or a lot of things we haven't dealt with directly, and so we end up tolerating a lot. We compromise our lives, believing that those are our life circumstances and that we cannot do much to change them. Distractions in the form of tolerations create thoughts that clutter our thinking process and drain our energy. Therefore the first step in retraining your mind is to deal head-on with distractions and tolerations in your life:


The fundamental principle here is that the life treats us just as well as we demand to be treated. We move through life accepting less than the best from ourselves and others. It costs us our aliveness every time we tolerate something that isn't really up to our standards.

What are you tolerating in your life right now? What are those behaviors-your own and others', conditions and circumstances that you are putting up with, bearing up under or otherwise living with that dull your spirit, try your patience, and drain your energy? They may be so subtle, of such long standing, or so widely held as normal that they look not like "tolerations" but rather like "that's just the way life is." They drag you down and are worth eliminating.

What are your top ten tolerations that you are ready to handle now?

Start working on those immediately. Focus on what you can do. By eliminating tolerations you balance your mind and all that is left is to start focusing on good and positive beliefs that will enhance your success.

At one level the mind is very reactive and compulsive when your life reflects back circumstance that are not ideal or up to your standard. As long as you have tolerations you will be at mercy of your unconditioned mind. It will take work. Action in eliminating tolerations is the necessary first step in retraing your mind.