Zoran's Success Series #5

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

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Zoran's Success Series #4: Harness the Power of Your Thoughts

This fifth step in our Success Series is about working with your mind, not against it. Here you need to be clever and playful. Remember: your ego or personality needs your mind for its identity. Your mind will do absolutely anything to maintain your identity.

See yourself like a dog. You are hungry. Your mind gives you a bone in the form of thought, you run after the bone. Another thought comes up, and you run further, after that bone. Your mind keeps pulling it away from you, gradually you are running all the time chasing your bones - thoughts.

You want to break that pattern and get away from the chase-like stage of consciousness.

You are in charge of consciously selecting your bones. You want to have nurturing, vital and positive bones that will enhance your life instead of bones that will leave you endlessly chasing, winded and exhausted.

Bypassing your mind is not leaving your mind behind and becoming thoughtless. It is about your building a new relationship with your mind. It is collaborative and intimate relationship when you regain control of your mind and you become in charge with quality of your thoughts.

I know that this may sound outrageous or like Mission Impossible. It is a necessary step in the conscious creation of your success.

To make this shift what we need to do together is to step out of conditioned mind into unconditioned mind.

It feels like you will be choosing to step out of your mind. Not to lose your mind but step out of it. Conditioned thinking is limited, fear-based thinking developed from past experiences and backed with all your evidence. Unconditioned thinking is an unlimited state of mind - alert and awake, not tempered by any past experience or belief.

Your alert state of mind is immersed in the preset moment and doesn't have any attachment to the past or future. Unconditioned mind is free of conceptualizing or labeling; it feels like a harmonized instrument you use to project your will and manifest your thought in form. You forget that time exists and are relaxed in creation.

So how can you attain this feel good unconditioned mind state of consciousness?

First you need to create space and time when you will exclusively work on this new relationship with your mind. Your commitment to get to this new level needs to be strong. You need a structure in place. This is one of the most challenging personal development adventures that you have ever endeavored. Not difficult, challenging. It is challenging because it requires consistency, momentum and time to see this process through.

OK, let's begin:

Practice self-observation

If we could actually achieve transcendence - live in a world without beliefs - what would that experience feel like? We would be completely immersed in just being. We would have no fears to drag us into the future and no anger to pull us into the past. Our awareness would be fully focused in the present moment and we would feel a profound state of joy and peace. We would have no beliefs to separate us form those we came into contact with or from our environment. We would see all life including our own form the position of a detached observer. In this higher state we would be open to the truth, free to chose when to act and when to speak, rather than responding to unconscious mind. We would not need to protect ourselves in any way or in any situation since we would be without fear. Our relationships would be open to cooperation, goodwill and sharing. We would become true listeners.

One way to enter unconditioned is self-knowledge through self-observation. The observer in you is the projection of your Soul. It is the "I" at the center of your being. It is the "I" you become in meditation when your mind is unclouded by thoughts. Finding the "I" that is the observer means giving up your fears and beliefs about who you think you are! How we identify ourselves conditions our thoughts, words and actions. The identities we assume are beliefs about who we are. When we give up the beliefs that create our identity, we find our true selves.

Only when we move our awareness to the Soul-self can we be truly observe. Whenever you feel any kind of emotional discomfort, anger, frustration or resentment - seek out the part of your identity that is feeling those feelings and attempt to discover why.

To do this exercise you must detach from the part of you that is having those feelings. Learning to become an observer is essential if you want to remove yourself from the grip of your conditioned mind. The more you identity with your soul the easier this becomes.

Begin now to observe non-critically. Do you ever think of yourself in neutral terms? Probably not. Most likely, your thoughts and words involve implicit judgment- good or bad, right or wrong based on your conditioning and experiences. Clarity of observation is possible only when we are able to suspend judgment. In its highest sense, this is an exercise in unconditioned mindfulness, in being fully aware of what's going on with you, not judging it, just observing it.

Know the event is neutral

One important way of stepping out from conditioned mind into unconditioned mind is to consider every event neutral. You'll recognize that whatever you feel about the situation comes from the meaning you choose to give it. If an event brings up negative thoughts leading to negative feelings and anger, you can be sure that you are dealing with unconscious, fear-based beliefs.

By affirming that all events are neutral, you are giving yourself the space to observe yourself and examine the underlying belief that is causing stress.

As you learn to do this, you will identify situations that consistently bring about negative reactions. This identification will serve as an important clue to determining the belief filters that cause your discomfort.

Talk to yourself as if you were an observer. Say things like:
"Hey, what is going on here?"
"Why am I getting angry?"
"What's the negative belief, what is the fear I am not admitting to?

When you can consistently attain level of detachment, you are on path to stepping in to unconditioned mind. When you realize that your thoughts are based on your choices, then you can begin to work on changing your beliefs to create a new quality of unconditioned mind.

By rigorously applying these techniques, your unconscious beliefs that sustain your conditioned mind will become apparent. You will begin to see a pattern in the way you interpret events. Over time, you will gradually be able to master your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and reactions.