Zoran's Success Series #4

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

Thought creates energy and energy follows thought.

It's become common knowledge now: we know the mind is an extremely powerful creator. When you think about something consciously or unconsciously that thought has enormous potential to be manifested or realized in your reality. Your focus determines the speed with which the thought achieves existence.

My intention here is to get you to where you're regularly working with your mind and not against it. When I say working with your mind what I mean is using your mind in constructive and positive ways to support your life instead of negative and limiting ways to sabotage it.

We experience our lives through our minds. We have beliefs about our reality, about ourselves, our situations our conditions. Those act as filters for our reality and experiences.

Where do the filters come from?

When you're born they're blank, there aren't preconditioned beliefs about reality. Up until about age 4 you're data-gathering: getting the story about life and stocking your Belief Box. Already by then you've assimilated your basic defining beliefs. As you grow and develop your Belief Box is getting full; as you experience life and you have conclusions about it to refer to in your Box. You form opinions and judgments based on your experiences and then you reach the stage of being mature and knowing it all. Whatever occurs in your life you have a measurement stick to refer to and judge, analyze and label that experience as bad or good. By the time of maturity you have cemented your defining belief system and use them as a guiding navigator thru your life. You've created a filter through which you see and perceive world around you.

The challenge begins when you wake up one morning and decide you want to change or improve your life. Minds resist change, actually they hate it. Change requires minds to stretch beyond comfort into the scary unknown; that crates resistance. I've met very few people who say: " O, I love to change or YES to change! You have heard statements: " Change is good " but whenever you are in change process yourself it feels not conformable at all.

Your mind resists change primarily because your defining belief systems. They are your truth.

What is there to do?

The real work on this level begins with identifying your defining beliefs by questioning your every thought, word and action. Why do I think that? When did I do that? Why did I say that? Posing such questions will help you uncover your hidden motives and beliefs. When you begin to consider your beliefs you may be surprised by the fears and assumptions you unearth. Your fears and assumptions act as belief filters through which you see reality. What you see and hear is what you have programmed yourself to see and hear. The coping responses that helped you survive childhood and the ideas about yourself gleaned form your parents, siblings, and peers, crystallize over time into defining beliefs through which you now filter reality. They may have suited you better at 5 than they do today.

Some of your defining belief systems are in place to help you create positive circumstances and those are good, but most of us struggle with negative, limiting beliefs that prevent us form consciously creating the success we deserve.


This week, just listen. Listen, listen, listen to your own thoughts and beliefs. What filters are you currently, automatically, using? Which ones serve you?

You may want to write them down and/or set aside a special time to meditate and simply listen to your thoughts and beliefs. You may find an interconnected network of related thoughts and beliefs about success, work, yourself, gender, etc.

Let's look at them in more depth next week. For now just notice. Train yourself to see the filter of your own belief systems.