Zoran's Success Series #2

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

This post is a continuation from Zoran's Success Series #1: Creating a Vision of Success.

After a client created a clear Vision of success, my second question was:

"OK then, how would you know if you are successful? How do you know that you are not successful right now?"

The responses I received were more "Hmmm's" and more of the same confused answers; people did not have strong answers for these questions either.

We all know that once we have that clarity of realization and we feel that "YES! Now I know! Now I've got it," the light bulb goes on over our heads and we gain an expansive feeling of extra energy and excitement. That excitement transforms into a deliberate driving force that gives us the fuel to take action towards the outcome we want to manifest in our life. Feeling gives fuel to the body and that particular sensation of clarity creates an uplifting feeling of lightness. We find ourselves experiencing focus; we believe that everything is possible.

Successful people are not confused about what they want, or what's important to them. They don't hesitate or get stuck because they know where they are going. Their lives are focused.

The issue transforms to one of focus; that's what we'll do today.

Your life will bring you experiences based on your expectations. If you are not specific about those expectations, you will usually end up experiencing all sorts of life situations that you did not want to experience. You may find yourself having the feeling, "Why me? Why is this happening again?" or "Why do I need to experience this?"

The key shift here is for you to realize that the way you shape your success if by defining it - by becoming conscious about it.

Are you getting this? To start shaping your life towards success you need to become very specific and define your success clearly.

The easiest way to do it is by developing what I call your Success Statement.

Your Success Statement is your unique definition of the outcomes in life that you want to experience and that you know would bring you a sensation of success. Your success statement needs to be inclusive, deliberate, simple, outrageous, and unique. Most of all, it must represent the authentic you. You need to be very honest and intimate with yourself in order to bypass your own limited perceptions of what is possible - in order to get to the "bottom line" of what the ideal life (success) is for you. This statement will become a strong affirmation, mantra and guideline for your life.

The most important thing is to keep on asking yourself, "What would I like to experience in my life? What is that feeling that I am looking for? What evidence would prove to me that I am successful?

Let's look at some Success Statements:

"I want to feel free and that is success for me."
"I want to express myself." (That is success too.)
"I want to experience love." (We all know about this one: definitely success!)
"I want to become president of my country. Then I will know that I am successful."

We all have our very unique perception of the word, "success," and therefore, a very unique definition of it. I am inviting you to discover your definition of success.

The point that I would like you to remember and to keep in mind while developing this definition is that you need to be very specific.

Your Success Statement, therefore, may be like one of following:

"I am an internationally know designer with his own designer line and brand name. I have my stores in 5 countries and my clothing features style, elegance and freedom. When people wear my outfits, they feel elegant, cool and beautiful. People acknowledge my work by purchasing my fashions. I am successful."

"I am a creative film maker whose movies serve to awaken and inspire people. I know that I am successful because people go to movie theatres and feel transformed, inspired and uplifted."

"I am a happy housewife. My children are happy, healthy and joyful. My husband loves me. I have time to creatively express myself through my hobbies. I am successful."

"I am the owner and CEO of my own publishing company. I have a team of highly motivated, creative and effective people. I generate profits for the company and myself and I am recognized as an expert in my field. I am successful."

"I am working for an international company that facilitates my constant growth and development. I am able to express myself through my work. I travel often, meet people of interesting cultures and learn of different ways that people work. I earn $500,000 per year and I am able to afford a good lifestyle. I am successful."

"I am not working. I have time to do exactly what I want to do each and every day of my life. I am successful."

"I am balanced. Everything that I do generates love. I only do what I want to do. I am free of "should's". I am successful."

"I write very day. I have a strong special network of exciting and inspiring people around me. I have a babysitter that I love and trust. My children are very well taken care of. My marriage is my stronghold. I have a deep sexual life and a husband that sees me for who I am. I am a creative writer. I am successful."

"I work only 3 days a week and I have four days to play! I am successful. "

"I am on a cover page of every fashion magazine. I have an international modeling career. I am invited to model in every big international fashion show. My body is healthy and beautiful. I am successful."

It is extremely important to give yourself permission to expand your success statement beyond your wildest imagination... to dream... to take your Mind beyond limits into the land of possibilities. You must allow your Mind to take you to a place where you can clearly see for yourself the possibilities that success holds for you.

Every desire has a reason and no dream of success would be given to you if you were unable to manifest it. In other words, you would not be having those thoughts if you were not able to realize them. You have them for a specific reason. They hold a vision for you: the vision of what you are capable of achieving and living.

When you play with your Success Statement, think big! Be radical! Define and decide what it is that would truly make you happy... what it is that that you would truly love to live... what it is that you would love calling your successful life.

Here's your new assignment:

Close this article now and take time to work on your Success Statement. Come back to it over and over and refine it.

Bonus: One in-depth structure to use:

Step 1: Be definite and clear about what you want. Fix the image in your mind
Step 2: Determine exactly what you will contribute or give to get or produce that vision.
Step 3: Establish a date or dates by when you will achieve your vision or its component parts.
Step 4: Create a step-by-step plan for bringing your vision into reality, including first steps and begin at once.
Step 5: You may want to work your timeframe, what you will give or contribute and the elements of your plan into a concise statement (added to your Success Statement.)
Step 6: Make the statement alive and real for yourself at least twice every day -- morning and night. Some clients create fantastic rituals for presencing their statements.