Zoran's Success Series #18

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

In the last Success Series posts, you were developing a new relationship to fear. Let's look at how to use fear in growing your success.

As you start perceiving fear in real time as a yardstick, an indicator, and as constructive, it is very important to recognize the energy behind your fear.

Most of us are used to feeling and working with fear; we are fear experts.

One foundation of coaching is the notion of building on our strengths and delegating our weaknesses. I'd like to invite you to start perceiving yourself as a Master of working with fear.

From gentle anxiety, to dynamic restlessness, up to a strong feeling of being paralyzed - you've felt fear. You also know that the energy that this particular feeling creates is intense, pushy and lasting. In order to grow success you need to learn to direct that energy.

The energy fear creates can be used as a driving force behind your actions; it can fuel your motivation in succeeding. I want you to see that this particular energy in what will create qualities necessary for your success development. The same energy will assist you in becoming persistent, committed, patient, proactive, creative, thoughtful and inventive.

When you work with fear, you observe the feeling, sense its intensity and it doesn't drain you. Fear can feed back energy for you to work through obstacles or situations. You use the energy behind that feeling in a proactive, productive way.

The magical leap here is that when fear-based energy builds up to its maximum you express it as strong, vital and vibrant energy that supports your action by powering it with lively force.

You have a unique ability to convert and transform energy that feelings generate. You are masters of that process and you have done it your whole life. Now is the time for you to use it purposefully. Effortlessness and ease in creating success is what most of you want to experience; the key is to learn to work with energy itself. Once you learn how to use, direct, express it in practical way, your success will take care or itself.

Use your fear - this is the gift of life!