Zoran's Success Series #17

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

Because fear is so prevalent in our collective experience, we need to work with it a while.

Fear as your basic feeling can command, obey or work with you.


First level of relating to fear is when fear becomes commanding force in your life. You live in separation, negativity, victimhood, anger, violence and aggressiveness. You allow it to become your master; you're locked in, stuck in it.

There are many successful people who live and create in fear without ever realizing it. Fear becomes their commanding force.

People fear death, financial ruin, losing face, attack from other people, natural disasters, the list goes on and on. We fear so many things. It's everywhere. This is about survival. It's base, primitive, primal and has been around for eons. You don't have a lot of choice while being on this level of discourse; it is not easy to shift away from it. We're surrounded with it in media, too:


If you take this on, you appear to be very forceful, pushing, aggressive, dominant, and unfulfilled. The basic feeling that motivates your existence is fear. It underlies everything. Success is present, but fulfillment and internal joy is beyond reach.

For those of you who fall into this category please see that this is only an indication that you are powerful creator and that you have used fear as foundational feeling to create form. It means nothing more, nothing less.


In the second stage, fear obeys you. This stage is about mastering fear and becoming bigger, stronger than it. It's the "Feel the fear and do it anyway" concept that would enable you to become fearless. It's all about love or light being stronger than fear. It is about breaking that old belief that darkness has power over you and that you cannot do anything. It is about you awakening to your own powers of having a choice to use your love as foundational feeling in creating life and success that you want.

This relationship to fear is common among spiritual people; they have this light warrior approach where all is possible. Usually they are very successful. Fear obeys them because they learn that fearless is a simple energy inside they can use as they wish. They also learn that that energy can be converted to love in a split second with simple choice.

Success is present here thru joy of realization of being and capacity to transform life from the inside out. A masterful approach to living is present for most. Still what is present at this stage is a consistent struggle between love and fear, light and dark; it requires constant balancing and work in order to be maintained.


In the third stage relation to fear, this feeling becomes your ally, your coach, your advisor and your success partner.

Here you perceive fear as a wise old man here to assist you in the lesson that your life wants you to experience. You learn to work with your fear not under fear, not against fear but together with fear. You attain mastery by understanding that fear is here to stay and will be present until the end of time. You accept that fear has a significant and important part to play. You begin to appreciate this old wise man that whispers to you: "Be aware, or don't do this, or get away form here." Your relationship to fear changes completely, you begin to see fear as friend, not as enemy.

You communicate with your fear you look at that feeling and you ask: "OK fear what would you like me to learn here?"
"Do I need to push myself and work thru this?"
"Do I need to hold and wait for the better timing?"
"Do I need to surrender and trust or let go?"

By asking those questions you acknowledge fear as an essential internal guiding mechanism perfectly attuned to give you information that you need.


Most of us are trained to hear or feel fear with much stronger intensity than love. We are accustomed to recognize feeling of fear instantaneously. Therefore it is easier to perceive, interpret and integrate.

When working on this level fear is not something you are afraid of; it is a valuable marker, a yardstick, a tool. Work with fear in co-creative partnership and you remember to play with this loyal and committed friend there to guide and direct you at any time.

Don't be afraid of fear, work with fear, love your fear. See it as your influential life coach, because your feeling of fear shows the direction you need to grow - and go!

For now, you may want to keep a log. Track the feeling of fear and your reactions to it. At what stage are you operating in your relation to fear?