Zoran's Success Series #15

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

In this stage we'll grow the feeling of success.

Each of us feels love, we feel fear. Everywhere around the world, we feel a whole host of other sensations and emotions.

What you hold as predominate polarization will determine nature of reality you create.

If you hold fear, your experiences will be fearful. If you hold love, your experiences will be loving.

In order to begin growing your success feeling you need to become aware of the basic polarization of your being.

What are you generating at the present moment: resistance? Expansion? What is the major energy behind your actions?

Any judgment must be suspended here; you need to accept that both are equally important: love and fear are part of your life and part of success creation.

What we want to do together is move you to the level of being where love becomes the basic building block for creating your success.And why would we do this?

My answer to this question is simple: I feel that we have overused fear as a basic tool of creation and that fear has exhausted its utility.

Let's move into the organic creation of success by growing the feeling of love as our key tool for creation and let us keep the fear only as our wise and experienced advisor in success creation.

Ask yourself: What would love do?