Zoran's Success Series #14

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

Imagination is a powerful source.
If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
If you can believe it, you can see it.
If you can feel it, you can experience it.

Why all this talk about imagination?

Imagination is the driving energy behind success creation. When we imagine our success, it can feel natural, possible, easy and effortless. Imagination is an essential part of creation because of its seeding nature. When you imagine you plant seeds of possibility.

Who are the masters of imagination?

Artists are intimately familiar with imagination and its power; they simply don't have any choice. Imagination is so strong with them that they have to express what they see and feel in artistic form. Imagination happens to them: it comes, it pops out from nowhere with the message: express me, live me, share me.

What about you?

You've probably heard buzz statements like: You create your own reality, You are in charge of your life, You're in the driver's seat, You have to take responsibility for your creation.

You live on a planet of free will and choice. Our world is unique because anything is possible. There are no restrictions or limitations, just illusions of restrictions and limitations. Most people dwell in a level of consciousness where they don't understand and feel this universal truth: Every single human being creates his or her life.

We are all powerful creators. I don't know why but it's somehow easier to surrender your power to the outside world, saying: "I don't know, I can't change, it is out of my control, I cannot influence that, it is very difficult, it is impossible, it is not destined to be..." Aren't those familiar? If you stay there a long time you will be challenged to distinguish success.

Once you choose to accept that you are in charge here, you gain new awareness and conscious living begins.

So let's take responsibility for our imaginations!

Feelings play a very important part in your ability to imagine which is your ability to create.

Imagination on a mental level, not connected to life force or energy, is a pure projections or "trip." You are tripping or pipe dreaming about something and it feels good. At the same time, your ability to inject energy and therefore seed reality is not present due to the lack of vital feeling energy that is needed in creative process.

Organic or vibrant creation requires feeling as well as thought because feeling will bring energy or food for thought that wants to be expressed or materialized.

For imagination to be effortless and in the flow you need to feel and see. When you picture your success, when you see all specific images in your head you have to connect them to the specific feeling they image bring. Feelings give energy to image, feelings will make this picture alive, your ability to sit into the feeling associated to given vision will fuel that image in to appearance.

How can you create feelings?

Usually feelings just happen to me and I am not in control of that process; it is automatic. To create your Dream Space: what do you do when you want to create a certain feeling, a cetrtian "space?" Take an African Dance class? Put on your headphones and rock out? Paint? Take a morning hike in the mountains to relax & center? Call in your muse? Do whatever it takes for you.

When you're ready, do a Dreaming it Out meditation.

First, relax, breathe and center.

Feel your heart beat.

Connect to your heart and remember a time in your life when you felt connected. Be with that experience for few moments and bring that feeling up.

Once the feeling is present and you feel connected to yourself and the world, begin imagining your success story.

Focus to expand your capacity to feel connected every time you imagine your success.

Do this often and intensify that feeling so that it feels stronger and stronger every time you visualize.


Use your imagination to create success of your dreams and work with your feelings because they are the energy behind act of magnetizing or attracting success to yourself. Imagination with feeling is the key here. Imagine and feel your life, imagine and feel your circumstances, imagine and feel your environments, imagine and feel your relationships, imagine and feel yourself. The level of mastery that you are prompted to achieve here is to be able to integrate your mind with your heart; to merge your will power with power of your feeling.

Keep practicing!