Zoran's Success Series #13

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

This is an invitation to make significant shift in the way you relate to life. If you carefully observe life and people around you, you will realize that most of us want to get something from life.

We tend to ask from life, demand form life, pray to gods and the universe to give us something that we want or need. We put ourselves in position of claiming, demanding, asking for and being needy. That position creates a sensation of powerlessness and feeling of inadequacy and prevents you from working with life in a co-creative partnership.

You need to let go of your need to be parented; give up the idea that someone has to take care of you. Embrace the concept that you are sovereign and self-sustaining and you know how to take care of yourself.

This is a very challenging task for many people. This actually means that you are claiming your power. There is nothing outside that you need to look for in order to get where you want to be, there is nobody who can do your work for you. It is you and it is your life, your creation. I know that for some people this will be very difficult. You are creators of your life!

Now the fundamental shift: to work with life and not against it.

Assume that life is asking you to give some of your love for free, unconditionally, to give it without expecting anything in return. Just give it freely from the bottom of your heart and let it be without any expectations.

Life, as your biggest teacher, has decided that the game you are playing is one of mirrors. The Universe is in a game, mirroring yourself back to you. Everything you think, feel and do mirrors back that thought feeling or action.

Most of people that I have coached with that principle are confused here because they don't see consequences of their action immediately and they believe only what they see instantaneously. There is time delay that we need to take in to account now. Reactions to our actions are usually reflected back after a period of time. We forget; we lose the connection; we think life is simply happening to us instead of that we are actively creating our lives.

I invite you to take advantage and change your perception here.

If life reflects back to you what you give or send then you need to give what you want to receive.

If you want to feel love - give love,
If you want to experience success, act successful,
If you want to be treated with respect - respect others,
If you don't want not to be judged - accept others,
If you want abundance - share the abundance you have.

The more you give the more you will receive, and more you want something desperately the more this something will slip away.

Expand your capacity to give. Giving your fullest gift without hesitation, release and expectations.

How can you go wrong in your life if you were just to do this simple exercise on daily basis?

This principle is all about your capacity to co-create with life. The more you give unconditionally, by not being attached to the outcome, the more you will receive. If you want to create a certain quality in your life that you will perceive as success, more of that quality needs to shared by you with others around you. Remember like attracts like.