Zoran's success series #12

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

What do you need to feel in order to become that person you have described in your success statement and your success story?

One of my clients told me that the need to becoming is the most powerful force in entire universe. It must be. We want to become the best possible version of ourselves, we want to fulfil our profound potential and feel the feeling associated to that act of becoming.

It is very simple feeling that we look to experience and look at the life around you, all those complexity and structure and systems and hard work only because of one simple feeling!? Wow you might think: Is this really so simple? Yes I would say it is so simple. You can always choose to feel that success feeling even if we are not at the point in our life where that will organically emerge form the essence of your being to signal you that you have arrived to that level of your life development. And that is delightful news about simplicity of success creation.

By now you have developed your success statement and your success story and here is a question for you.

What would it be like if you just stepped into the you you've wanted to become?

Rather than making small measurable movements toward it, you look down the road, into your crystal ball and see who you have always wanted to be, stepped into that and just lived the next week from there. No processing through old baggage, no "getting better," just step into the skin of the new you.

How long it would take you to do it?
What would it take to do that?
Would you need practice?
How would you feel?
Would you step in and wear that skin for an hour?
How would that feel?
What would you do when you were there?
How would you be about all the things you're current wrestling with?
What would be happening in how you relate to yourself, to other people?
What would that feel like?

Discover it

See that feeling linked to your success. Evoke it, be with it, own it, expand it and then live it. What I want for you is to step in to the feeling of advanced you and then to resonate with it.

That feeling would take you to the next level of your development, that feeling is what would magnetize and attract your best life and success on to you. Your task here is to live that feeling NOW in order to get results that you want in the future.

Here is that magic of life creation. In order to discover your success feeling you are invited to play with the art of becoming. Defining who do you want to become thru your success statement and success story will give you a taste of probable future. Once when you have clarity of your growth direction take time to tap in to the essence of the feeling you are looking to experience. Challenge yourself to stretch in to quantum leap of bringing that feeling from the future in to now. Start living that essence and that feeling today in order to create the success you desire for the future.