Zoran's success series #11

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

How is it going feeling life a little more fully each day, beginning to live from your heart as well as your head?

It can be intense, even uncomfortable, to allow in that much feeling, to be that open and vulnerable as you move through life.

We need to grow beyond our comfort zones, allowing ourselves to surrender even if it feels uncomfortable or frightening. This growth step is necessary in order to master our feelings.

What are we each required to do?

First, accept the feelings that arise. No matter what the feeling is, accept that it is present to direct and guide your life toward something good. Pain & hurt, feeling we perceive as negative, serve to help you learn, develop and grow. Identifying with your feelings through acceptance is an act of courage and demonstration of you daring to live your own truth. This is an amazingly brave way of being.

Therefore if something happens and pain, anger or hurt arise, if you feel you are closing up feel that contraction, accept it and move on. Breathe, remember connect to your heartbeat, move into and thru it.

Are you feeling resistance?

Acknowledge it and move on.

Are you feeling powerless?

Recognize it and move on.

Are you refusing to step into taking responsibility for your whole life, exactly as it is?

Accept it and move to the next level.

You see how this principle works. You need to be able to work with yourself with truthfulness and integrity.

Do it until you get to the bottom of your heart where the purity of unattached essence of soul lives. That essence is the substance to use in conscious creation of your success feeling.

Feelings are not just happening to you or occurring from “out of the blue.” Accept and own them; they are your own creation.

What will you create today?