Zoran's Success Series #1

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

The first and most important step toward accessing your feelings of success is to define what success represents to you. When you define something, it's easy to relate to it. When you have a clear picture in your mind of what are you looking for, an awareness is born.

In my work as a coach I have met many people wanting success: people who are working, "moving and shaking," "grooving" and hoping to "get there one day." Many of them are confused, even mystified, about why some people are able to set and achieve one goal after another, thus creating constant success, while for others it is an uphill struggle.

I have always been absolutely sure that when people knew what they were looking for, my coaching would help them to get it faster. Coaching worked, but I always had the sensation that my clients were trying too hard; they somehow suffered during the process and they spent far too much energy in attaining and maintaining success.

Then I realized that what I needed to do was ask a simple question: "What is success for you?"

Wow! To my surprise, most of the people I was working with began with answers like: "Hmmm, that's a very good question. Hmmm, what is success for me? - I don't know..."

Bingo! I realized the importance of this very first step. People generally didn't have a clear picture of the success they desired.

Here's your Assignment #1: Make a clear vision

Consider every domain of your life. What's important in your vision of success? What do the relationships look like? Is spirituality important in your vision? What about home, health? What does professional and personal success look like in your vision?

Get your vision as real as possible and in tangible form. Would a collage work for you? Are you an artist - could you draw it? This week make a vision. Keep adding to it and take things away until you have it just right.

Avoid the Pitfalls

In western society, many people define success by material possessions. A typical definition might be: "I would be successful if I had a comfortable home, a good car, lots of money in the bank, a good job, a fulfilling marriage..."

Another common definition is: "I would be successful if I had a prominent position in my company, if I was able to express my self creatively, if people respected me, if I could make a difference.

More liberal people might say: "I would be successful if I was able to control my time and space, if I could be in charge of my money, if I could do what I really want to do, if I had a loving relationship, if I could find my soul mate, if I had children, if I had a good relationship with my mother in law...."

Have a look at your image of success. Does it avoid the pitfalls?