Zoran's Success Series #10

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

A Meditation of Sorts

Imagine you’re in an elevator moving down into the unknown. You feel excitement, you feel butterflies flying through your body, you feel that you are alive. The only way for this elevator to stop is for you to align yourself with the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Feel your heart beat. Place your hand to your heart and feel it. Connect to it. Feel that rhythm and become one with it. Feel that pulsation and expand it so that your whole body resonates with it. Unite. Align. Connect.

Once you are aligned and connect, the elevator will stop. You have arrived.

Breathe. Feel your breath; open your lungs focus on your breathing. Listen to yourself breathing. Breathe consciously, take more oxygen in; take more of the life force in.

Imagine that what you heard is the sun of your own universe and that all of your cells orbit around that sun. Every single molecule and atom receivesenergy form the sun in the form of life force. Accept your heart as your sun, for what it is your source of life.

Feel your heart beat again. Become your heartbeat. It feels that you are your heart and your center of perception is from your heart. Your head is far away; your thoughts are non-existent; you only feel the music of your heartbeat.

Feel that radiance, feel that connection, feel life in its making!

In this very moment ask yourself:

How do I feel?

Then ask:

What is the feeling I am looking for?
What is that feeling that success will bring to me?
Can I feel this feeling now even if I am not at the highest level of my success?
What is it? Does it have a name? If not, what is the closest word to describe what I want to feel?

Feel it.

Are you ready to feel again?

You have entered the feeling gateway. This is a unique place where you can generate and experience your feelings consciously. The feeling gateway provides access to the space where our feelings are created. This is the foundation of our being, the subtle space where our soul lives.

This is a vulnerable and open space we need to enter with ease, gentleness and grace.

For most people this space is not easily accessible, they are shut down.

At birth the feeling gateway is open. Babies act and relate to life from that space. This is the reason most of us believe that babies are vulnerable and we need to protect them. You can see that this gateway is open with them. In contrast, you likely closed yours many years ago because you have experienced pain you naturally want to jump in to protect and prevent yourself from experiencing that same pain. In that action of defending you are closing yourself to the chance of opening up again.

Open up to feeling vulnerable is feeling life.

This is not weakens, it is pure indication of deep level of subtlety and sensitivity in relating to the world. It is about feeling your life, not thinking your way through life.

Most of us lost the sensation of feeling our way through our lives. Most of us want to feel again.

For now, just practice for a while. Feel life a little more fully each day.