When things go wrong don’t go with them


I had the chance to be in Singapore on a short business trip. As always I made sure I had all necessary things with me; especially a positive energy level.

wallet lost

As in all my trips, I start by knowing in my mind and soul that I will have a wonderful trip and experience. No exception last week.

Few minutes before boarding the amazing new A380 plane, I realized I did not have my wallet with me. I knew there was the possibility I had misplaced it or perhaps it got stolen. Either way I had no time to trace it the plane was closing doors in only 5 minutes. I had to make a decision, whether or not I would decide to fly to Asia with absolutely NO money and no credit cards.

My first reaction was a very natural one: nervousness, anxiety.. simply stress. Now, few years ago I would have stayed in that stage with the consequences of reproducing more stressful incidents from there on. Instead, I applied some of the techniques I myself show my coaching groups when under stress: B-M-B: key letters to remind me about the THREE essential elements when one is in a stressful situation, Body-Mind-Behavior.

I worked first on my BODY reactions.

My good friend and colleague, Natasha Lozano has thought me a lot about this subject. I knew I had help my brain exit a defense/reactive mode,(so called reptilian-brain mode). I started by drinking some water, took several deep breaths and stretched my legs; took a short walk while reconnecting my thoughts. Skipping such a simple step might have bad consequences and prevents us from thinking clearly.

Once reconnected, I worked on my MIND.

The outlook of traveling halfway around the world with no penny, might sound somehow scary. Instead, opening up to the possibility of what the combination of positive energy + good attitude could potentially bring to me, in this new situation, was more powerful in the end. So realizing I was at choice in action and mind made the difference. In fact, I realized I had what I really needed: I was healthy and I had a valid passport in my hand. I could travel to Singapore and do what I am passionate about. The self-assurance in my mind that the rest of the situation would work out in the end, was refreshing. Letting go of negative limiting beliefs and poor prognoses, is incredibly relieving.

It was time to act, the plane was closing doors, my BEHAVIOR would be key at this stage.

As my good friend Amy Carroll says, I stayed in "The Zone" of positive energy when communicating with officials and airline staff. They were all very helpful. One officer even pulled out 2 twenty-franc bills and in all solidarity gave it to me to help find my way to my hotel in Singapore. What a gesture! I traveled to Singapore and enjoyed delivering an powerful program with amazing clients and colleagues. Eventually the Zurich airport's lost and found reported they had found my wallet, I picked it up on my return after my trip was over.

During those few days in Singapore, I experience a chain of positive events, met amazing generous people and reconnected with friends. I would say I created an exciting reality frame for my trip as a result of staying in a positive open state of mind, body and behavior.

"Life is the movie you see through your own eyes. It makes little difference what's happening out there. It's how you take it that counts."
Denis Waitley

This post first appeared on Gabriela Mueller Mendoza's blog PowerfulChange.