What is Mindfulness?

By Andre Ribeiro
Andre Ribeiro

Mindfulness is being in a state of present-moment awareness.



Mindfulness practice involves both formal and informal meditation practices.

Formal mindfulness, or meditation, is the practice of sustaining attention on body, breath or sensations, or whatever arises in each moment.

This practice is commonly done sitting, usually with eyes closed, but can also be done lying down or even walking.

Informal mindfulness is the application of mindful attention in everyday life. Anything done in the day-to-day with full awareness.

Any routine like eating or commuting can a mindfulness practice, by bringing full attention to it.

My experience with Mindfulness

When I practice formal mindfulness, it's usually sitting with eyes closed, for around 10 minutes using the timer on my phone.

While in the state I notice that sometimes deep thoughts or ideas emerge, they can be thoughts that have been going around for a while, however when these thoughts emerge in this state priorities get reorganised and start to manifest.

This clears my headspace and makes me more focused which then reflects on the rest of life moving forward.