We love our team of coaches!

By Lisa Portscher
Lisa Portscher

TNM Coaching is the world’s premiere coaching and training company. What we have in common is coaching. Coaching is not just a service we offer but something integral to who we are. It forms the basis of everything we do. The desire to create magic and build mastery guides us. Joy and a spirit of adventure energizes the work we do and we share this same joy and spirit with our clients and with each other.

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We enjoy working with organizations looking to thrive, not just survive, and who recognize and welcome the myriad opportunities and inherent potential of change. And, we work in thirteen languages and on every continent. Check out individual coaches here!

We all want that kind of magic from our teams but of course even magic takes time, training, commitment, and courage! We know you value your team as much as we value ours so take a moment to explore some of our offerings to support and enhance your teams!

Creating a Winning Team is an inspirational performance and development program that empowers teams to improve their collaboration, communication and, ultimately, their performance.


Intercultural Diverse Teams is an experiential cross-cultural awareness program that can take you and your teams forward by increasing your knowledge and skills in doing business globally. The training solutions are aimed at businesses and professionals, leaders and teams confronted with different cultures and diversity.

Just to toot our own horn one last time, our team includes PhDs in Organizational Psychology, Business Administration and Cultural and Media Studies; multiple MBAs in International Business, a three-time CEO and some of the world's most experienced Master Certified Coaches!

Here at TNM Coaching, the alchemy of theory, assessment, practice, inspiration and energy combines to create the fantastic mastery of our team and potentially yours!