To Engage or Not to Engage

By Lisa Portscher
Lisa Portscher

To engage or not to engage - that is the question of new generation of millennial workers. In just over three years, how we work and who does the work has changed dramatically and continues to evolve daily. What do we stand to lose if we fail to rise to the challenge of this ever-changing environment and meet the learning and development needs of this eager, active workforce? What do we stand to gain if we do and how will we recognize those gains?

The ROI of Learning: Why measuring learning is key in a new world of work, a paper prepared by D2L examines these questions - the shifting demographics and expectations of the workplace, the impact of a new generation of millennial workers on learning engagement, corporate learning, and development methods. And it shares resources to allow learning professionals to calculate and demonstrate the value of learning by measuring the returns on their training dollars.

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