Talents - Make Your Heart Sing

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

Now this story is getting simpler. Exciting! I invite you to align yourself with simplicity and move away from the complexity that creates feelings of isolation and separation. Nowadays you can see many people walking around feeling cut off, compartmentalized, isolated, separated and unhappy. The way to restore and heal is to return back in to simplicity.

In our questing, adventuring and journeying we have made this experience complicated. Complicated can be challenging and fun; it also requires more complex navigation systems in order for us not to lose ourselves somewhere along the way.

What I want for you is to return back home to ease and connect to your feelings from that space.

The ease in creating success is about identifying your talents and emphasizing them. Life is supposed to be easy. By discovering, polishing, expressing and applying our natural gifts we live in "the easy space" where we play instead of work.


Pay attention because we are to break some of the foundational societal beliefs in hard work, struggle and effort. Your mind will play a tricky game here doing everything in its power to keep you back. To break away from this conventional thinking, remember and accept that this is a mental game. Shift to the easy space where your talents are fully expressed and life is easier.

Knowing your talents is about knowing yourself. Knowing takes courage. People turn their back on their talents; some even run away from them.

The feeling of success is so much easier when you do what you are called to do, what makes your heart sing. Expressing your gift is what makes your heart joyful and you hear this amazing music your life plays.

How to discover it?

One way is to reflect back on your life:

What is something that when you do it you lose track of time?

What is that? What do you express? What do you do? How do you behave? Who are you being?

Losing track of time is a significant clue that you are expressing your core gift. It feels so good that you would not do anything else.

What is something that when you do it you feel like you are playing, not working?

Something that brings that childlike attitude, something you feel completely amazed with, something that you feel will never bore you. Give yourself permission. You don't need to wear a mature mask now and you can be outrageous and allow yourself to express your playful nature. We feel playful when we express our gifts; that playful attitude generates energy of effortlessness that most of people relate to as success, because it is so easy!

What are you attracted to?

If you always wanted to play piano or sing, or always wanted to try public speaking but never did, now is the time to do it. Try actively exploring different things that you feel pulled towards and you will discover gifts that you are here to share with your fellow humans.

You will know it in your heart because it feels good, it feels like home; it feels easy and effortless. You will recognize it because time will disappear and you will be completely present.

This segment was a wake up call for you to stop wasting your life and to start living your life.

Many people live their life wasting it in being or doing something that they are not about, creating a facade of success but feeling miserable.

If you don't create your life with your heart, respecting your true desire to express your gift that is recognized as talent, life becomes a "have to" game that you play with yourself.

That fulfillment we all look for is about being honest, being truthful to yourself, being who you are and expressing it no matter what. That would make your heart sing and that song will initiate feeling of bliss that everybody that you come in touch with will immediately feel. That is magnetic and attractive.