Notes on Dreaming

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

The last installment of Zoran's Success Series was called, "Dream it Out" and was about envisioning your future success with your body & soul. Practicing helps. Here a couple more tips to help as you meditate and create:

Dream Big.

When you dream, dare to dream big. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and step in to limitless possibilities. Dream beyond your imagination, expand your vision and your feelings much broader. The secret is to dream big.

Dream Ideal and Perfect.

Because why not? As we go through life, we have different experiences. Some of our experiences are positive, expanding, loving and joyful and other are negative, shrinking, disappointing and fearful. What happens to all of us is that at one moment after accumulating and living thru different experiences we see ourselves as mature and able to asses and rationally conclude what is good or bad for us based on those experiences. We also get to judge, analyze, conclude and restrict ourselves because we have an experience bank to draw conclusions from. This is the time when you stop seeing possibilities and start seeing limitations and we call this being mature. How gloomy. We also stop dreaming and believing that ideal and perfect life is possible, by now we have accumulated enough evidence to support our case.

My invitation to you is to do whatever you can to remove yourself from this state of being. This level of consciousness is what kills imagination and your ability to dream. Whenever you notice that you are hesitant to dream, imagine the best success possible for yourself. Gently correct yourself to believing that dreams do become reality. Remember how you felt once when you were fresh, present with open heart and smile on your face trusting that all that you want is here available to you. Dream Big and Dream Perfect. Why not?