No mistakes, no breakthroughs


Can you imagine to have failed 10'000 times at doing something that did not work out and then continue trying?

Would you have given up before trying that much?

Benjamin Franklin had those many ideas that did not work out before succeeding. Sometimes when we don't make mistakes we are less likely to find new routes, new ideas and to have real breakthroughs.

We can open up our minds to understand that many mistakes or failures are a precondition of success.

Organizations and systems that have a positive attitude towards mistakes can be a great place for creativity, innovation and failure can be a major contributor to their success.

error, mistake

A way to break out of a paradigm about this is: to start being wrong and then suddenly everything is possible. When one steps into that place one is no longer trying to be infallible; one is in unknown territory. At this point there might not be a way of knowing exactly what will happen, though there is more chance of it being amazing than just trying to do it right. And of course, being wrong is also a risk; and that is what can stop greatness from happening in a brainstorming session, or trouble-shooting effort, business or life for that matter.

Some risks have a future, and some people can call them wrong. But being right may be like walking backwards proving where you've been. Being wrong is not in the past nor in the future. Being wrong isn't anywhere but being here.

Best place to be, don't you think?