Leadership in the Space Between Stories

By Chris Hardy
Chris Hardy

The “Space Between Stories” is a phrase coined by Charles Eisenstein in his book ‘The More Beautiful World…’. It is a way of understanding the cultural transformation we’re witnessing around us; from a story of separation and selfishness, domination over and abuse of nature, injustice and inequality to an experience of cooperation, harmony, interdependence and a radical understanding of inter-being (non-separateness).

The space between stories is a time of great challenge, opportunity and potential. It calls for self-empowered leadership, clarity of vision, attentive listening to our hearts, and passionately supporting each other’s growth and metamorphosis

During March and April of 2015 I took part in a six-week online course with Charles exploring topics as diverse as;

  • navigating uncertainty
  • separation and interbeing in our systems and institutions, relationships, business and personal life
  • transition and transformation
  • activism, play, work and doing nothing
  • Shamanism, ceremony, ritual and prayer
  • the power of not knowing, the necessity to slow down and the trap of efficiency.

On the 31st July in Bristol I invite you to join me in deep, challenging and impactful conversation with eight other leaders exploring how to live with greater LEADERSHIP in the Space Between Stories.

This one day coaching intensive is for an emergent generation of conscious leaders who are choosing to devote their lives in service of creating a more beautiful world.

You’re values driven, self-aware, prosperous and balanced. And you’re ready for more confidence, power and clarity in your work and life.

As an intimate group of 10 we’ll explore the challenges we face, what fears we share, what limiting assumptions we make, and how we hold ourselves back.

Our self-expression is, at its core, an outpouring of love in service of our community and environment. We all want to serve, to contribute, to leave a legacy, to move into the new story.

We are conscious to the convergence of crisis happening all around us AND we are determined to do something. To take responsibility for actively creating a ‘new story’.

During this day we’ll have time and space to dive in deeply into what makes you a successful leader in the new story.

Where does your personal power come from?

What does complete integrity feel like for you?

How can you create more money from doing work you LOVE?

The ‘space between stories’ is an invitation to greatness, an invitation to truly give of our gifts to the world. This day is an opportunity to discover how you are holding yourself back and to liberate you fully, to bring out your awesomeness and to be fully self-expressed.

There will be silence, laughter, tears and smiles.

The only work that needs to be done is the removal of those obstacles between who you ARE and who you are BEING in the world.

These obstacles are unconscious patterns, poor habits and toxic ways of seeing the world that you have adopted throughout your life.

I will also share with you my one key distinction about how to live with confidence in the space between stories.

Spaces are strictly limited to 9 people on this one-off leadership intensive which will sell-out.

Your investment for the day is £200.

For this you will receive:

  • Full day (9am to 6pm) workshop intensive; personal coaching in a group setting, witnessing powerful coaching
  • Ninety minute follow up one to one coaching call (via Skype) during August
  • Self-coaching document template via Google docs with two weeks of comments by me
  • Hand-crafted Zine of insights, quotes, exercises, resources and links.

If you sign up before the 10th July I will include a one hour coaching call during the month of July for FREE. Reach out to me HERE to reserve your space.

Remember: It is always one action that changes the course of your life forever.