Four Ways to Make 2017 Awesome.

By Chris Hardy
Chris Hardy

What are you excited about creating in your life in 2017?

What would make the year totally awesome?

It’s going to be a big year. I can feel it. Brian Johnson says that those people who write down their goals are 10x more likely to actually achieve them.

10 times!

Do that. Be in that 10% of us who take the time to write down their goals.

Here are four suggestions of action to take around this time of year that will get you super clear on what you intend to create this coming year and will set you on the path of making 2017 your best year yet:

1. Cultivate a deep sense of gratitude for all that has happened in 2016.

Spend some time in nature or on a walk and reflect on all that’s happened this past year. Go through the year, month by month, or major event to major event.

Give thanks to the unfolding mystery of life, for all the blessings and lessons and friendships and love and challenges and good times and growth that you’ve experienced. Really feel that gratitude in your body.

Once you have that feeling clear and present within you, give thanks with that same level of intensity and presence for a truly awesome 2017. See your year working out brilliantly, fill that vision with your FEELING state when you’re vibrating with gratitude.

Slow down here. Be really present with the feeling state of giving thanks for next year giving you everything you could ever dream of. Lock that feeling in knowing it’s there for you to come back to at any time.

2. Book some exciting stuff into your calendar.

As in your garden, now is the best time to plant, well, depends on the plants, but for things like bulbs and brassicas, now is the ideal time.

Do the same with your goals for 2017:

Book that marathon

Put down the depot for your training course

Decide on the dates for a weekend walking with your Dad. (I’m actually currently trying to pin my Dad down to a date in early Spring)

Set a date for that book launch and book the venue

Book the weekend workshop you’ve been talking about for the last few months

Allow that action of booking and planting to be the beginnings of the flourishing of a strong and powerful plant next year.

3. Share your vision.

If you have a partner who you’re committed to, share your life with spend some time visioning what 2017 will bring for you both.

What would you most love to co-create during the year?

And if you’re not in a partnership then explore how you intend to showup in your relationship with yourself:

Who do you need to be so that you will attract your dream partner into your life?

What will your year look like with you showing up to life with self-love and self-care as top priorities?

Write down the feelings, the sense, the description, keep this away from specific numbers, targets or aims, dive into what you would like the year to feel like.

4. Write a clear list of 10 tangible goals.

And then get very clear with a list of 10 specific and clear goals that you intend to complete during the year. Take some time too plan for writing this list, brainstorm, do a practice run, make some notes and get ten goals that feel exciting and courageous.

When you’re ready to write your final list do it all in one go, go some place special, take the time to say a prayer, light some incense, connnect into your higherself or ask for guidance from Mother Earth. In short, make this practice sacred, however you connect to that concept.

As you write be fully present and focused. I like to write this list using my Garndfather’s Olivetti typewriter that I was lucky enough to come into posession of when he passed away. It’s a beautiful machine and the physical action of the keys hitting the paper feels powerful and real.

When you’ve written your list place your hand over the paper, pray, connect to God or to spirit, ask for support in facing the challenges that’ll come as you focus on creating everything you’ve written down and then finish with giving gratitude for all that you want already having come true.