Eye-opening Questions!


I just came back from Minsk, Belarus. A surprising emerging economy. I had the chance to lead a Seminar for European female leaders, amazing women and role models in their countries as well.

We identified some of the barriers that stop women from taking on higher decision making positions. Some of them had to do with: women not putting their names forward and speaking up on time and with clarity when succession plans are put in place, so they are taken into account.

Here are some of the most powerful questions that can trigger change or unblock outstanding potential. I had the chance to ask some of them these questions; their answers tapped into true opportunities for themselves!

I invite you now to ask these questions to yourself today:

What do I really, really, really, REALLY want?
What do I enjoy doing most?
What am I afraid of about this situation?
What is the one thing about myself I am most afraid of admitting to anyone?
What is this situation costing me (by doing something, or not doing it)?
What is the payoff for me (for doing something, or not doing it)?
In other words: what am I getting out of this?
If I had no financial or other obstacles, what would I be doing with my life?
What is really stopping me?
What things did I love doing as a child that I’m no longer doing?
If I could do this differently, what could I change TODAY?