Executive Coaching Made FUN

By Alla Kuznetsova
Alla Kuznetsova

Have you heard about executive coaching, but are not sure what it's all about? These fun and informative cartoons are based on typical coaching cases from executive coach Alla Kuznetsova and will help introduce you to the concept. Alla's years of experience have given her a knowledgeable and animated perspective on the field and her clients. She decided there was no better way for others to learn more about what she does than to see the process through her eyes.

Episode 1.

Fox (Alla Kuznetsova) congratulates Hedgehog (A pharmaceutical executive) upon his promotion. However Hedgehog doesn't seem to be happy as he is not sure what to do next. When Fox asks him about his issue he starts complaining about his staff who in his opinion is totally useless. Fox challenges Hedgehog by asking what his staff has to do with his lack of vision on how to build an effective team. This leads to the insight that he needs to move on from a victim state to a go-getter state.

Episode 2.

Fox (Alla Kuznetsova) observes how Squirrel (a banker) is juggling her tasks. Fox notices that there is no sight of Squirrel's direct reports. She asks why they are not involved. It turns out that Squirrel believes that they are too inexperienced to handle such complex tasks. Fox challenges Squirell on her delegation skills and her overprotective nature in regards to her employees. Fox asks Squirrel a question that makes her to ponder «How can Squirell remain a caring leader and at the same time develop her employees by giving them challenging assignments?

Episode 3.

Fox (Alla Kuznetsova) supports Flamingo (a newly appointed expat executive in Russia) by clarifying his expectations. They focus on typical global assignment challenges in communication by examining local behavioral norms and values.