Do less - Be More

By Zoran Todorovic
Zoran Todorovic

To get most out of this blog work it! Read it! Do the exercise and apply what you learn immediately. Don‚t let this be another article full with good ideas that you do nothing about. Become somebody who values themselves enough to do it.

Let's jump right in!

Case Challenge:

"I want to be a great friend, spouse, parent, colleague, business associate... but somehow my day snowballs on me and I get overwhelmed by all thinks I have to do. I have constant feeling of guilt and see myself as if I am not doing and achieving enough!"

Anna is an executive recruiter who used to knock herself out trying to keep in touch with almost everyone she had been in contact with in the last year. She was spending countless hours on the phone being very helpful, but resenting every moment of it. She allowed herself to be consumed by work because she was constantly trying to create more business and make reasonable income on a performance-based salary.

She was wracked with guilt and underachievement stress until she stared working with me, she could not get on top of thinks well enough to bring balance in to her life. She was used to living on the edge, adrenaline high live that kept her going so fast and flying so high that she was on autopilot.

Good think thou was that she had a faith of „Thinks will get better one day- mentally and although it wasn‚t working totally against her, it was not working for her either.

The biggest challenge for her was to stop beating herself up because she didn‚t do something that she was meant to do during her day. I have coached her to realise that she was swatting with the symptom and that the real problem is that she has never created a structure within which it could get done.

First step for us therefore was to start with her Daily framework, a structure that supports her daily live. I have asked Anna to list specific daily actions that would support what she was up to and to choose as many as she could reasonably apply to her day. She took first 45 minutes to do all her phone calls, emails and tweets so that she caught people at their desks or knew she can expect call form them during her day. She spent last 45 minutes of her day cleaning desk and making to-do list for the following day. In between she has integrated a daily contact with the people she was delegating to and she has blocked time when she would not be interrupted.

She was working to increase sales, therefore she has decided that in her daily plan she will have how many call a day she will make. She wanted to create more visibility with the company and in her daily plan she has included how many contact she needs to make with the key people.

While creating her Daily frame work Anna has experienced a major shift and this was that the business and work habits should be integrated with her own habits of well being in order to develop discipline on both sides.

As a result of her daily framework, which she looked daily, she has managed to create a routine that supported all her goals! She managed to stop her day to snowball on her, guilt was gone, and business took off!

After 3 months of working together Anna come to the coaching session with following: I have done what we discussed, structure and daily framework, and I know it all, but the question is why am I not doing it?

Now even our best intentions are let down when we stick only to what we want to do to achieve a specific result, therefore my respond was: Anna, Now when we have created a structure for accomplishing your goals, who are you going to have to become to attain it?


What do you want to do is important you but the WHO do you want to BE has to come first to make it all work!

And here it comes, a big leap in consciousness and „ah-ha".

Anna‚s eyes lit up and she said: „In order to reach my goals I have to be someone who honors her herself, somebody who takes good care of herself and her needs, somebody who feels joy in giving generously her time, attention and praise to job candidates even to those who could not get placed right away, somebody who is generous and irresistible and who have energy-exchange quality relationship with her clients and somebody who is open to receive fruits of her efforts in the form of successful referrals or new client!%

She knew that she could have done more in order to shift her situation but all of this has changed when she realized that in order to experience true transformation in her life she needed to change not her effectiveness but her ability to trust herself!

The magic to get here is that that What (goal or situation or objective or action) will lose it effectiveness what you start feeling disadvantaged, but the Who ( yourself, ) will challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and will prompt, pull you to become more and at the same time sustain you in reaching your goals. You will feel more inspired by the vision of becoming more then by the action you need to take to get there.

So my dear friends when you discover WHO you want to BE you don't need to wait for the situation to act differently, you could start living and being different right away!

Daily Framework Tips:

(Things that get pushed aside because you think you don’t have enough time)

Make yourself your NO1 priority.

  1. Make five business development call a day - the calls that would make a difference.
  2. Meditate 5-15 minutes a day. (Breath in and out with open lugs for 5 minutes)
  3. Connect with your managers and co-workers daily via e-mail.
  4. Drink 1 litter of water a day.
  5. Stretch 3 times a day.
  6. Acknowledge the important people in your life.
  7. Connect with your spouse.
  8. Do professional reading but also read something fun, creative and inspiring.
  9. Exercise, do yoga or walk 30 minutes every morning.
  10. Return all your business calls form 1-3 o’clock daily.
  11. Clean your desk at the end of the day.
  12. Leave office on time every day - 17:00 sharp.
  13. Walk or cycle back home.