Are leaders born or can they be made?

By Martin Haworth
Martin Haworth

The answer, as ever, is not that simple.

It's almost inherent in those who lead that they step forward naturally in many informal moments in their lives to lead. They have an inbuilt inclination to take charge and be the headline act in social and workplace groups.

There are others who have the capacity to lead and still find it difficult to be forward enough to step up. They need nurturing and encouragement from someone who notices and takes the time to help them, so that their talents are not wasted.

Forced leadership is a big request of anyone who has not got the natural instinct for it. In many cases the route to seniority in any organization is through technical expertise into leadership, which is not necessarily the appropriate growth for many.

On the other hand, there are those whose natural tendency is not along this path. For those we celebrate what they do bring to the party and ensure they are rewarded both materially and in how they are fulfilled.