A ‘Thank You’ – Small And Effective

By Martin Haworth
Martin Haworth

When we look at the kinds of things that motivate people, it’s not hard to find them. Indeed, all we have to do is to think of the times that we, ourselves, have felt motivated when we’ve done something.

Putting effort into a piece of work that we have invested our time in requires focus, patience and tenacity, all of which use our energies and often, simply succeeding is enough. For those of us with a strong inner compass, success in a task is all we need to feel good about ourselves.

The effort we have made, and the outcome we achieved is all the personal reward we need.

In the workplace, where we make efforts on behalf of others (usually our employer, or a client), it can often be enough to fulfil and succeed in a challenge.

Savvy employers or clients will encourage motivation by taking a small, cheap and yet highly powerful step to make the difference. It’s a step that is so simple; so easy, and yet, for many who have the opportunity to take it, it gets lost in the ’busyness’ of a day.

Taking a moment – for that’s all it takes – to authentically say ’Thank you’, to reflect a job well done values people. It takes a little awareness to get this up and running – especially if it is not naturally who you are. And it’s worth it on so many fronts.

An individual feels a sense of pride when their efforts get noticed, and want ’More of that, thank you!’. So seeking actions they can take that will get further recognition.

You will create much more focused and enthused individuals in your team, delivering an environment of success and growth.

Your business or organisation will be more productive and a much better place to be, thus making it more profitable and with people who want to stay and work for you.

All because of the two little words you found the time to say to a few people because you noticed what they had achieved. And did it consistently. Managers who fail to say ’Thank you’ when the opportunity arises, even in the smallest of activities their people are undertaking, miss a chance that is simply an extension of their daily interactions and so easy to slip in to conversations.

Saying a simple ’Thank you’ for a small task well done is all it takes, with rewards far outweighing the effort needed.

Here’s a tip…

Find five people who you can authentically thank for something they did today. Once you start, your character will change in their eyes and the return will be invaluable.

Martin Haworth is an experienced UK-based coach and trainer with TNM Coaching, working worldwide with enlightened organizations who see the light in leadership and management development.