5 Things We Wish We’d Known in Our 20s

When we are young, we are brimming with confidence and enthusiasm, going at life at 100 miles per hour. We are also more impressionable, and prone to making mistakes because we think we have it all figured out. 

It’s a natural part of growing up. We get older, we get wiser. Through living a real and raw life, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, being humbled by ill health, heartache or grief, we mature and - ultimately - we grow. We learn about ourselves and others, and we realise what truly matters in life. 

It’s natural to look back and think, ‘if only I’d known this when I was in my 20s’. Or to wonder how differently our life might have turned out if we’d made different choices.

The good news is, it’s never too late. At TNM we firmly believe that you can turn your life around, change paths and discover your true potential at any time - even if it starts with baby steps. And the lessons you have learned along the way are still valid in your later years.

Here are some key learnings from our TNM Life Coaches and Teachers - things we wish we knew ‘back then’ but that can and will help you improve your wellness, mental health and happiness at any stage of your life.



“People with great bodies are not born that way, they are just more disciplined at working on them.”
Daniel Ludvig, Tips & Sips: The Naked Bartender

Our daily routine is what defines our end results. When it comes to achieving anything, consistency is key. Prioritise tasks according to what’s important to reach your end goal. This can apply to improving your fitness, creating your career or the love life you have always dreamed of. And even if you don’t take big leaps every day, commit to small but regular actions that will bring you closer to your goal or put you in a winning mindset.

If you want to focus on getting healthier and stronger, for example, you could start with something as simple as committing to drinking a glass of water every morning when you wake up. Look at other key elements related to this goal such as healthy eating, reducing sugary and processed foods, and regular exercise. If you are not fit enough to complete a one-hour workout yet, start with a 20-minute walk. All of these small habits will add up and have a great impact on your end goal to feel lighter, more energetic and confident. 



“Challenges are opportunities in disguise and here to help us grow and evolve.”
Annabelle Delorme, Coming Home to Yourself: A 6 Month Coaching for Women

Life full of challenges - fact. But overcoming these obstacles helps us to grow. Hardships help us to build resilience and compassion for others. Often it’s the tough things that we go through that really define us as human beings. They can be a turning point or a wake up call. Once overcome, these challenges often serve as the most inspiring stories used to motivate others. Turn your obstacles into a catalyst for awesome change!



“My inner critic lies that it's looking out for my best interests. The reality is, it limits my potential and stifles my ability to thrive.”
Lisha Davidovits, Shift It: From Stress to Success

Monitor your internal monologue. Often it berates us, puts us down and is incredibly critical. Listen to what it’s saying carefully, and ask yourself: would I talk to my friends and family like that? Most likely, the answer is no. It’s time to observe your mind’s negative chatter, stop it in its tracks and flip the script to a positive and empowering one. We should be our biggest cheerleader and ally. The moment we encourage ourselves is the moment we have big breakthroughs!



“Find your tribe, find the people on your level of consciousness to share life with and connect deeply.”  
Dr. Till Noethel, Get Higher on Love & Breakthrough Breathwork: From Stress to New Energy and Clarity

Life isn’t just about the journey - it’s about those who you spend it with. The people you choose to share your time with have a direct influence on how you feel, and your trajectory in life. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘who you spend time with, is who you become’ - and there is a lot of truth in it. Positivity is contagious, but so is drama and negativity!

It’s easy to fall in with crowds that don’t necessarily reflect our beliefs fully. When we are young, we are impressionable and may fall victim to peer pressure or socialise with people just to ‘fit in’. 

Surround yourself with people who inspire, uplift, support and even challenge you -  and good things will happen. Distancing yourself from unnecessary drama gives you the headspace to focus on what’s best for you. It’s important to create a community based on what you need, and the kind of person you are. You can make a conscious decision to step away from people, behaviours and places that no longer feed your soul.



“We are not at the mercy of our emotions. We feel what we feel, but we are always at choice about what we do and how we respond to what’s happening in our world.”
Gina Paigen, Mindfulness: Your Performance Superpower

Our emotional state changes constantly, and it’s up to us to learn how to control our response to the thoughts and feelings passing through our mind and body. One of the key teachings of mindfulness is to understand that we are not our thoughts, and that our emotions don’t define our personality. In our early years, it’s easy to get incredibly wound up over something - and before we know it, it’s hijacked an entire day! 

Therefore, learning how to self-regulate our emotions and thoughts is an incredibly important skill. It helps us to stay calm in turbulent situations and conduct ourselves with grace. We can reach our potential when we don’t let small dramas get in the way of what we want. With life experience, we learn not to sweat the small stuff, and to let go of past stresses and upset. When we allow things to pass, they no longer have a hold on us. 



It’s never too late to make positive changes in your life using the wisdom you and others have accumulated and collectively shared over the years! 

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