Transformational and Integrated Development

Manifesting an interconnected world!

Inside Out Development Process

…When the paradigm shifts, so does the focus of leadership development.

The most successful organizations understand the need to identify and nurture ‘home-grown’ talent. TNM believes that, given the right opportunity leaders will not only develop the necessary skills, qualities, and mindset needed but their experience of growth can be accelerated.

…Transforming ourselves, others and the world.

Future leaders all over the world will be required to familiarize themselves with the psychological, sociological and environmental effects of globalization, and navigate this ever changing world. Our transformational development process has been specifically designed to grow individuals and organisations into the future.

...When self transforms, everything else follows.

It is clear that new measures of success need to be applied to the emerging generation of global leaders. How well do they understand the forces at play in the world? How do they define their role as global leaders? Do they have the necessary capabilities to navigate globalization effectively? With over 15 years experience, TNM believes that the following capabilities are necessary for global leaders:

  • Agility: to adapt to an ever-changing landscape
  • Courage: to raise difficult issues in the face of vested interests
  • Communication: to engage in clear dialogue which and achieves shared understanding
  • Cross-cultural: to engage with colleagues of other cultures with sensitivity and understanding
  • Innovation: to demonstrate creativity and alternative ways of thinking
  • Strategic Thinking: to create appropriate metrics
  • Influence: to bring others on board with ideas
  • Tech-Savvy: to be skilled in the effective use new technologies to achieve results
  • Mindfulness: to possess spiritual intelligence and awareness of interconnectivity

…When the nature of leadership changes, so must the focus of leadership development.

We help clients design meaningful transformational learning solutions powered by creative, interactive and fun learning experiences. Our main goal is to embed transformation into the heart of your organisation working together, step-by-step.