Results and Success Stories

How to lead ourselves in the New Digital Economy for sustainability and success?

Are you struggling to go from top-down, command-and-control & slow to change to nimble, innovative, even playful?

Are you asking, "How should we manage ourselves in the New Economy for sustainability and success?"


We work in the field of human development and potential. Our focus is on client breakthroughs and transformation. We use coaching, coach-led training and open source technologies to go deep into organizations' DNA and embed inspired solutions at all levels.

Producing three Results

For collaboration and morale, here's where to start 1: Creating a Coaching Culture
To radically increase vision and productivity 2: Take on Your Leadership Paradigm
Over time, and often faster than you'd expect, you'll 3: Evolve the DNA of Your Organization

How We'll do it Together

This aproach goes beyond individual coaching and training courses to self-sustaining, organisational evolution. We co-create solutions to business critical issues with immediate and long-lasting effect. As a result, you’re investing in your organisation and its impact.

Your solutions are dictated by your starting point, your culture and your goals.

A Custom Team for Each Unique Client Need

We use Crowdsourcing and coaching methods to uncover your challenges and opportunities. Each new project calls forth PhDs MBAs, Master Certified Coaches, certified instructors of NLP, nonviolent communication, and a variety of diagnostic tools -- the TNM experts best suited and inspired to partner with you.  Teams collaborate to custom design and deliver each new solution. Live training, executive coaching, Web 2.0 and virtual tools can all be included to suit your particular needs, to create a permanent, evolutionary solution.

TNM partners with its clients to create the space for evolution, growth and development. Together we unleash potential, power, passion and success.

We support our clients as they grow and evolve in an era of mass collaboration. The best practices we and our clients can learn from include these from Cisco: