About us

The New Millennium Coaching (TNM) is a ground breaking global coaching and training company with expert and experienced facilitators. We are committed to creating change and delivering results through personal development. Each of our three services - TNM Business, TNM Life and TNM Coaching Academy - have their own unique focus but one common goal: to help people discover, evolve and expand their potential.

Vision statement

Our vision is to be a catalyst for the evolution of humankind through the power of coaching. We empower individuals to live their best life today, for a better world tomorrow.

Mission statement

Our mission is to to instigate the evolution of humankind, by empowering businesses and individuals to lead their best possible life, whilst creating a better world in the process. We provide holistic solutions and practical tools to resolve real life challenges; so you can create a more extraordinary reality.

About us

TNM Business

Our focus and passion is to help people in organizations develop Leadership Skills, Coaching Capabilities, and Talent Acceleration Competences. Our coaching and leadership development programs are created to help your organization advance the next generation of leaders – smart, dynamic professionals prepared to lead their organizations into the future with confidence. We help you design meaningful transformational learning solutions powered by creative, interactive and fun learning experiences. Our main goal is to embed transformation into the heart of your organisation working together, step-by-step.

About us

TNM Life

Imagine being part of a global learning community, a space where you can explore new skills and experiences, deepen existing passions and unlock undiscovered possibilities.  Our coaching, life skills and master classes, and special events are designed to provide you with practical solutions to real life challenges, as well as offer useful tools and applicable skills for creating and living an extraordinary and magical life.

About us

TNM Coaching Academy

Here you will nurture and accelerate your own personal growth to become an integral part of a community of world-class coaches evolving world-changing leadership. Through an advanced curriculum that is designed to transform humanity, and that is delivered in digital, virtual or face to face training, all our Evolutionary Coaching Programs become part of  your coach specific education or continuous coach training education;  they will earn you credits that you can put towards ICF certification or re-credentialing.