Coaching Services

Coach your people to become motivated, focused and effective.

Corporate Coaching

Have all your leaders, executives, managers and supervisors trained as coaches or work with their own coach. 

At TNM Coaching we specialize in helping companies become and stay profitable by coaching their people to become better motivated, focused, and effective.

In today's workplace there is no longer time for the traditional, overseeing model of management. With downsizing and a shrinking management structure, more and more people are supervising others in different professional disciplines. Coaching provides the tools to deal with this and ensures that your employees continue growing as individuals, both personally and professionally.

Coaching at its core is about bringing out the very best in people in order to increase productivity and morale in the workplace.

A professional coach has been trained to work with clients on over 200 different types of goals, problems, and situations. There isn’t any other type of professional with the depth and breadth of training, skills and experience that a coach brings to the table. Coaches are trained in the art of achievement or the process of coaching.



At TNM Coaching we offer the following corporate coaching services:

Leadership Coaching

What are the success strategies of your leadership team? We coach your leaders to identify the most effective strategies, core competencies, and techniques for success. How leaders can use a coaching mindset and coaching skills to bring out the best in their employees. Leading is a meld of direction-setting, cheerleading, setting boundaries, and creating structure. Coaching provides tools for understanding and tapping intrinsic motivation, directing through questioning, and allowing people to take responsibility for their own performance. Benefits to leaders: Decreased procrastination, Building of superior interpersonal skills, Growing in leadership abilities, Learning how to coach others effectively, Overcoming anger, Mastering their time, Dealing effectively with change and transitions. 

Executive coaching

Our experienced coach work one-on-one with men and women who are at the top of your organizations. This service offers executives an objective, outside partner to help them manage the unique challenges of leadership and achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their companies. Benefits to executives: Enhanced effectiveness to increase profits, Improved leadership skills for team building, Increased awareness of self and others, Expanded choices for more effectiveness decisions, Capitalization on strengths. Here is our Executive coaching approach case study. 

Performance coaching

Middle and senior managers work with our coach to increase productivity and improve communications. In the process, they learning valuable coaching skills to use with their own staffs. Performance coaching is designed to help competent, promising professionals achieve their full potential to help the company succeed. Benefits to managers: Improve performance and productivity, Supplement formal staff training and development, Reduce learning time, Improve working relationships, Get more time for managers and others, Improve use of people, skills, and resources, Ensure faster emergency response, Develop greater flexibility and adaptability. 

Group coaching

Any of our workshops, programs and teleclases can be tailored to ongoing coaching services for your group. Benefit to group: Clarity of vision, mission and purpose resulting in focus and high effectiveness.

Team coaching

When teams replace hierarchy, our coaches help make the new "flat" organization work in your company. We coach your high impact teams to take appropriate leadership, communicate effectively, build on every member's strengths, and work well together to increase productivity. Benefits to team: Greater level of commitment, motivation, productivity, success and fulfillment.

Delivery Methodology

Coaching meetings are held either in person or by telephone. Unusually it is combination of following delivery methods:

  • Individual In-Person Coaching
  • Individual TeleCoaching (by telephone)
  • Individual E-coaching  (by email)
  • Group Coaching
  • Group TeleCoaching (via teleconferencing line)
  • Teleclases (via teleconferencing telebridge line)
  • Group On line coaching (via social networks) 

Why Coaching Works

Coaching is an investment for the organization that pays dividends in organizational as well as personal effectiveness. The coach brings an objective point of view, excellent listening and analysis to redirect or reinforce individual expectations and initiatives. In-depth discussions lead to actionable agendas, often including coaching prior to and following critical meetings or presentations.
Coaching employees can create fundamental, sustainable change in effectiveness, developing enormous individual potential while retaining valuable talents and knowledge within the organization.

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