Let’s Go Advanced!

Coaching for Maya shows how coaching is done in a series of dramatised coaching sessions, featuring Maya Jordanovic. Maya is an ambitious young executive who has recently taken on a new role in a new organization, and she is determined to do a good job at all costs! She had to relocate for the job and has little time for anything outside work. She’s been in her new flat for months, she hasn’t had time to unpack her boxes yet, and she’s living on fast food and cereal. Her new company is in ecological construction and is growing fast. Despite its pioneering approach to building houses, the company has built its remarkable success on a culture of hierarchy, chains of command and strong systems and processes. The people there are set in their ways and, Maya thinks, resistant to change. Her previous company had a matrix structure and things were done very differently. She’s struggling to adapt. Maya is desperate for a quick solution to her most pressing problem, which is that her team are uncooperative and resistant to her plans! She has heard about coaching from a few people and she thinks it might be just what she’s looking for. Maya receives coaching in many different ways and from many different kinds of people, including her best friend Emma in their weekly Skype calls, and, after a few mishaps along the way, finally uncovers the real power of coaching in the workplace!