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The life coaching app that actually coaches you.

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How can it get any better than this?

Niggle captures the magic connection of the coaching experience on the iPhone and on the iPad. It is so good, it actually works, which is no real surprise as we downloaded it ourselves from the magical universe. Now who are we to profit from that, so we're giving it away.

The One Niggle to conquer all niggles.


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A niggle is something in your life, or on your mind, that’s annoying, irritating, or just plain distracting you from having fun… a niggle is something we coaches are in the business of banishing!

… but who can afford a real live coach every week!?

Imagine having a pocket sized coaching buddy on call 24/7, giving you the time and space to really think about your niggles? Download Niggle on your device and learn how to become a niggle-free zone yourself, by simply looking at the same thing through new eyes and thinking about it from a different angle.

Born of decades of coaching experience, and full of thought provoking, and outrageously simple, questions, it might not feel quite like coaching, but rest reassured you're getting coached!

Our question was, how do you capture the magic of the coaching experience on a smartphone or tablet when the magic of a coaching session begins with a connection between two people? We wanted to do something different … something unusual, impossible actually… life coaching, but without the life coach… And our answer is... Niggle

The key to finding the right answer is the right question, right?



Totally, utterly and entirely 100% FREE! Now in the iTunes App store.


Fun and easy to use, Niggle creates clarity around everyday challenges using coaching style questions in a magical way.

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Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Easy instructions, easy to do
Track what's niggling you
Wonderful zoning in feature
Essential questions that get to the heart of it.
Words of wisdom from the collective conscious
Save your insights and actions
Save your nailed niggles
Feels, looks and sounds great
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Along with life's every day niggles, some people have specific kinds of niggles on top of that to deal with. People working in big organizations, people with their own ideas for a whole new business that's never been done before, people who are ready to be the artist that they already are and are unsure how to go about it. Special versions of Niggle for people with different kinds of niggles are already in the Niggle pipeline. En-joy FREE Niggle for now and watch this space for news of new versions coming soon!


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