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Celebrities, CEO's, top sports people and politicians all have Life Coaches.
Now you can have one too.

When should I use GURU App?

You can use GURU at anytime of the day, whenever you need to figure something out that is stopping you from being your best self or living your ideal life. Using GURU daily will help you feel more energized, focused, motivated and present.

What can GURU help me with?

Life Coaching is a great way to gain clarity, direction and a new perspective around challenges, problems or personal and professional goals. You'll learn more about yourself with every session as GURU asks you the questions you never thought to ask yourself. Plus, save every coaching session you have with GURU so that you can always return to reflect upon your new found awareness.

GURU delivers a realistic life coaching experience on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Fun and easy to use, GURU creates clarity around everyday challenges using coaching questions in a magical way. Connect to your center and find the GURU that lives within you.

Guru is the ONLY life coaching app that actually coaches you.


Guru App screenshots

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GURU has the following features
**Over 800 big questions
**Over 400 inspiring quotes
**Share via WeChat
**Type your answers
**Save your session
**Works on iPhone ipod and iPad
**Easy instructions, easy to do
**Track what’s bothering you
**Wonderful zoning in feature
**Save your insights and actions
**Feels, looks and sounds great